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Tenga Flip Hole Black

Brand: Tenga

Unlike the Flip phone, this won’t ever go out of fashion. A stylish and discreet, easy to clean male masturbator - a Peachy Keen favourite in advanced technology toys.

Each colour has a slight variation on the inner sleeve, and therefore the sensation, so pay close attention to which is the best for you.

Details Plastic casing, thermo-plastic-elastimer inner sleeve phthalate and latex free, 3 external buttons on either side allow the application of pressure to vary sensation.

Dimensions Insertable depth: 6.5” (white and black) 6” (red and silver) Canal diameter: 1” (white and black) 0.75” (red and silver)

Reviews "’s easy to use, easy to clean and has an intelligent, functional operation." 9/10 at The Cara Sutra

"I love the all encompassing feeling this toy creates when used." 8.3/10 at The Big Gay Review

How on earth do I use the Tenga Flip Hole!?!?

You can take our word for it or read a how to guide and review of the Tenga Flip Hole Black from a real life human male who knows his stuff! ;-PK

All four variations of the Tenga Flip Hole are used the same way. As suggested by its name, the first thing to do is to slide the side casing off and flip this toy open. This will expose the inner sleeve called the canal but known to you and me as the hole down the middle.

The next step is to cover yourself and the toy with a water based lube. Slide the external casing back on and enter the toy, with your penis, through the hole in the middle.Holding it in your palm, stroke the toy back and forth  and play with the pressure settings.

The different shapes, nodules and contours provide a slightly different experience depending on the colour.

White - An all rounder, medium strength, good stimulation and suction.

Black - Harder material and the most stimulation at the sides

Red - Tighter, softest material but can provide the strongest suction.

Silver - Tighter, the smoothest.

If you're not sure which Tenga Flip Hole is right for you, then read this comparison review guide setting out exactly what you get from each colour: The Ultimate TENGA Flip Hole Comparison Guide.

Once finished, rinse the toy with warm soapy water or clean with toy cleaner and then leave to dry by standing the toy on the case. ;-PK

Tenga Flip Hole Black £64.99 £59.99