Tenga Egg Twister

Brand: Tenga

Like a Kinder Egg for men. Each Tenga egg comes with a surprise inside! Peachy Keen recommends the Tenga Egg Range as the best one-use male masturbators.

The Tenga Egg Twister uses vertical waves and swirls to recreate the whirlwind sensation of an intense storm to squeeze and massage your entire length.

Details Plastic shell, thermo-plastic-elastimer inner sleeve phthalate and latex free.

Dimensions Internal length: 2.5”. Canal diameter: 0.5” (Dimensions refer to before stretching)

How on earth do I use the Tenga Egg Twister!?!?

Unwrap this small but mighty egg and crack open the shell. This will reveal a malleable sleeve and a sachet of lube.

Initially the product looks disappointingly tiny but it can stretch up to 12 inches in length and easily accommodate your girth. Cover yourself in the lube and then gently stretch the Tenga Egg Twister over your penis. Then start stroking back and forth, enjoying the sensations.

This particular egg has vertical wave shaped nodules to produce a magnificent stimulation to compliment the way you stroke yourself. Twist and rotate the egg for an enhanced sensation. The corkscrew effect rippling up and down your head is sure to drive you wild! Ejaculating in the egg aids cleanup operations somewhat and the shell means you can easily and discreetly dispose of this product in the bin.

Tenga Eggs are a great way to try out a male masturbator before you shell out (pun intended) on a more pricey reusable one. 

This product makes a perfect present to treat yourself to - they are ideal for travel! They are also a fantastic present to buy for your partner - especially if you are going away for a bit. ;-PK

Tenga Egg Twister £6.00