System JO Foaming Sanitizer

Brand: System Jo

Don't get caught out again! Camping, but want some fumbling fun? In bed and don't want to wake the whole house by sneaking off to wash your hands? Travelling and not sure about the cleanliness of the water anyway? A quick spritz of this and your hands are ready to play.

Developed specifically to create a light and effective alcohol-free foam to nourish the soft skin of your hands.

Details 17oz pump action bottle, alcohol free. Body safe and neutral scented.

How on earth do I use System JO Foaming Sanitizerl!?

Pump the foam onto your hands. Rub together your hands and allow them to air dry. That’s it.

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HINT: This isn’t just us being fussy, if your hands are going to be going anywhere near sensitive bits, then you need to use this! Come on guys! This is your intimate bits we’re talking about. ;-PK

System JO Foaming Sanitizer £6.00