Tenga Polygon 3D

Brand: Tenga

Let's see who was paying attention in their maths' lessons - what does Polygon mean?*

The Tenga 3D range is designed to look more like a sculpture than a male masturbator yet each one has been designed with male pleasure in mind.

The many edged design of the Tenga 3D Polygon is pleasurable because the embellished sides rub against you with a varied smooth but firm sensation for a new and memorable experience.

* Yes well done, many sided! An appropriate name yes?

Details Made from stretchy and flexible antibacterial elastomer. Block design on entire sleeve. Includes sachet of Tenga Water-based lube and clear display case.

Dimensions Insertable depth: 4.75”  Canal diameter: 0.5" Pre stretching - product stretches to take the width and length of the penis.

How on earth do I use the Tenga 3D Polygon!?

All variations of the Tenga 3D range are used the same way. Open the nifty casing, put it to one side and take the module in your hands. The block design is currently on the outside, you can of course use the toy like this as the inside will be smooth and feel great, but to use the polygon side, turn the toy inside out - like you're folding a pair of socks!

The product comes with a sachet of water-based lubricant or you can buy your own here. Cover yourself and the toy with the water-based lubricant. Slide your penis into the Tenga 3D Polygon and holding it (and yourself) in your palm, stroke the toy back and forth.

The raised edges and contours provide a firm touch and grip. For a varied sensation, try twisting the toy.

The Tenga Polygon 3D is a reusable male masturbator when cleaned appropriately after use. Once finished, rinse the toy with warm soapy water and or clean with toy cleaner and then leave to dry by standing the toy on the case. 

If you are looking for something a bit easier to deal with after ejaculating then why not try our one-use Tenga Egg Range.

Why not collect the whole range? They look amazing, like works of art - you could even display them on your mantelpiece. ;-PK

Tenga Polygon 3D £32.50