System JO Cranberry Massage Oil

Brand: System Jo

When you think cranberry, you think Christmas, the band and lets face it..... cystitis!?! Well now you will also think 'my go to massage oil!' by System JO. Sweet and fragrant whilst still managing to be light and smooth.

Details 30ml or 120ml silky smooth silicone based nourishing massage oil, cucumber scented. Latex compatible.

How on earth do I use System JO Cranberry Massage Oil!?

System JO Cranberry Massage Oil can be used like any massage oil. Massaging is a great foreplay tool, or for after sex if you’re not a ‘roll over and go to sleep’ kinda guy. Just slowly pour a small amount of oil into your hands or drizzle it onto your partner. Then use your fingers and hands to rub and massage the oil into the skin. Even though the oil is not sticky and leaves your hands feeling lovely and hydrated, some people still prefer to use a massager to rub the oil in. 

The luxurious oil will soothe and relax your muscles and allow your mind to start drifting and thinking about what sort of Peachy Keen mischief you could get up to next. If you have boobs, make sure these get pressed against your partner from time to time to do some massaging too. 

This oil is so nourishing that it can be used as a tattoo conditioner! How many uses can one thing have!? One more because System JO Cranberry Massage Oil also doubles up as a lubricant so you can move easily to intercourse. 

System JO Cranberry Massage Oil £14.99