System JO All in One Massage Gift Set

Brand: System Jo

Here at Peachy Keen we love System JO products, we also love thoughtful and romantic products. The JO All in One Massage Gift Set combines these two loves and would make a perfect anniversary, birthday, Christmas or Valentine's gift. 

Details The set contains System Jo Warming Massage Oil, a guide book of massage techniques, a massager and tea lights - everything you need for a romantic night.

Massage oil: 30ml silky smooth silicone based nourishing massage oil. Latex compatible.

How on earth do I use the System JO All in One Massage Gift Set!?

It might be an idea to read the booklet first so that you're not reading it by candle light with oil all over your hands. It will help you find tricks and tips that you would like to use.

First light the tea lights to set the mood. Then use the massage oil. System JO Warming Massage Oil can be used like any massage oil. Pour a small amount of the oil into your hands or drizzle it straight onto your partner and massage it in. The oil will start to gently warm, increasing relaxation and providing a calming sensation. 

Then use the massager to knead and relax those tense body parts, working the oil into the skin. The nourishing oil will soothe and relax your muscles and allow your mind to start thinking about what sort of mischief you could get up to next. If you have breasts, make sure these get pressed against your partner from time to time and you can use them to do some of the massaging for you - multi-talented boobies!

HINT: This oil is so nourishing that it can be used as a tattoo conditioner should you so wish!

This gift set is also really useful for when you need to schedule some sexy time.

System JO Warming Massage Oil doubles up as a lubricant so you can easily transition from massage to intercourse. Lovely! ;-PK.

System JO All in One Massage Gift Set £9.99