Flight Fleshlight

Brand: Fleshlight

When it comes to solo sex toys, men are used to being shafted (pun intended!) However Fleshlight have always aimed to change that and provide men with quality experiences. Peachy Keen loves this travel friendly Fleshlight Flight masturbator for men as it is a lot more discreet than other models but just as fun.

Remember to always pack a fleshlight!

Details Discreet black outer casing with cap. Internal translucent superskin material with ridges and bumps for maximum pleasure. Twist base to control the level of suction within the sleeve.

Dimensions Length: 8”. Insertable depth: 6.5”. Canal Diameter: 0.5”.

How on earth do I use the Fleshlight Flight!?

Remove the larger cap to expose the sleeve. We recommend using a water based lube with this product you can apply the lube either to the sleeve or to yourself. Hold the Fleshlight Flight cupped in one hand with the entrance towards you. Guide your penis into the hole in the middle of the sleeve - obviously this is much easier to do if you are erect beforehand.

You are then free to stroke the Fleshlight up and down you while you feel all the internal bumps and ridges. The reason we love this product is because it is designed specifically for guys to orgasm in. Once you are finished, remove the inner sleeve (over a sink) and use warm soapy water to clean the sleeve and the case. Dry it thoroughly, or leave it to air dry before putting it all back together to be stored away - but not for long!

The Fleshlight Flight featured in The Metro's 10 Sex Toys that Every Man Needs.

HINT: You can remove and heat the sleeve in warm water for a more realistic feeling. ;-PK

Flight Fleshlight £44.50