Fetish Fantasy Beginner's Cuffs

Brand: Fetish Fantasy

If the fluffy handcuffs scene is not for you but you like the idea of having your partner do all the work or getting to be in control for a session, then invest wisely in these Fetish Fantasy Beginner's Cuffs and free blindfold. Perfect for just getting warmed up to the world of restraint and bondage.

Details Two comfortable and secure leather cuffs. A linking metal chain and a blindfold.

Dimensions 4.5 x 8 x 1.2"

How on earth do I use the Fetish Fantasy Beginner's Cuffs!?

Use the Fetish Fantasy Beginners Cuffs to bind your partner’s wrists together and make them place their arms above their head. Or cuff your partners' arms behind their back. Get them to wear the blindfold. You can then kiss, caress or use a feather tickler against their skin and intimate bits. 

These can also be used to cuff your partner to furniture; the bed post or a chair leg. (Buy two to restrain both arms.)

Hand cuffs have a bit of a dodgy reputation but Peachy Keen recommends them for your bedroom, especially for beginners as they are perfect for people who like the idea of being restrained but not the idea of not being in control. 

Unfortunately, the chain is more to create the illusion of not being able to move and is not that a strong restraint - if you constantly pull hard on them they will break. If you want restraint items you can pull against freely check out our range of other ties in our bondage collection including silk ties, rope and tape.

Fetish Fantasy Beginner's Cuffs £16.00