Fetish Fantasy Japanese Silk Rope

Brand: Fetish Fantasy

Land of rope and glory. Rope is a perfect way to drive your partner wild by restraining them and we recommend this purple Sex Extra 35ft Love Rope to be your go to guy to do the job properly.

Details Made from high quality polyester to make the rope strong but also gentle to the touch.

Dimensions 35ft long. Hint: To get a smaller piece of rope, just fold it in half. Dur!

How on earth do I use Fetish Fantasy Japanese Silk Rope!?

Anyway you want to! Traditionally this would be used for an initial foray into bondage. (What on earth is bondage!?) The rope would be used to bind your partner, leaving them submissive and completely in your control so that you can tease and pleasure them.

The 35ft length of the rope means you can perform a variety of restraints with this rope. If you are new to tying up your partner then start by binding wrists together above your head or to a bedpost.  Remember, you must have your partner’s permission to do this - you need to have agreed before hand that you want to do it and how.

Peachy Keen finds that the purple appeals to those of us who are fed up with the black, latex fetishy world of BDSM and want to bring a bit of colour into the bedroom, there’s more to bondage that 50 shades of wet look black. If rope is sounding a bit extreme, then why not try our silk ties exactly the same theory just a bit more innocent looking ;-PK

Fetish Fantasy Japanese Silk Rope £11.99