Doc Johnson Velvet Touch Vibrator

Brand: Doc Johnson

Doctor, Doctor give me the news - I’ve got a bad case of loving.... this Doc Johnson Velvet Touch Vibrator. A sleek, powerful vibrator that is perfect for teasing and getting down to business.

Details Smooth multi-speed vibrator. PU coating, ABS plastic. Twist base. Needs 2 X AA Batteries.

Dimensions 7” long (6” insertable) Girth 3.25”

How on earth do I use the Doc Johnson Velvet Touch Vibrator!?

Unscrew the cap to the right to insert the 2 x AA batteries (Unfortunately batteries are not included.) Then screw the cap back on and a little further to the left, this will operate your Doc Johnson Velvet Touch Vibrator. Keep turning to the left to vary the speed and find the perfect setting for you.

HINT: Don’t throw away the plastic box packaging that the vibrator comes in. Use it to store the vibrator and batteries when not in use. Remember - taking out the batteries after use makes your product last a lot longer.

Doc Johnson Velvet Touch Vibrator is waterproof for a bit of bathroom fun - just make sure the cap is screwed on properly before submerging.

The silky smooth, velvet touch of this vibrator means that you won’t need lube but if you prefer to use it, use with a water based lube to ensure your Doc Johnson Velvet Touch Vibrator is a lifelong friend.

Clean after use with a toy cleaner or warm soapy water.

If you are new to using a vibrator then why not read the Peachy Keen guide to 'Which vibrator should I buy?' ;-PK

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Doc Johnson Velvet Touch Vibrator £12.50