California Exotics Ours Romance Kit

Brand: California Exotic Novelties

All you need is a special friend and a few hours to spare - this Romance Kit will do the rest. The California Exotics Ours Romanc Kit contains rose petals, a candle, dice and a bullet vibrator. A thoughtful and romantic combination of products.

This romantic gift would make a perfect anniversary, birthday, Christmas or Valentine's Day present. 


Rose petals: 100 soft faux silk rose petals

Candle: Heart shaped, strawberry scented soy candle in a tin, melts into massage oil, paraben free, animal cruelty free.

Dice: 3 dice for erotic play, roll to determine location, action and body part

Bullet vibrator: Multispeed, waterproof vibrator. 4.5"x1"

How on earth do I use California Exotics Ours Romance Kit!?

First of all scatter the rose petals over your chosen location, probably the bed, or create a trail with the rose petals like a sort of sexy treasure hunt.

Then light the strawberry soy candle. This will melt down quickly into massage oil suitable to be poured straight on the the body. Give each other a relaxing massage.

When ready you can move on to playing the dice game. Each die will suggest a location, action or body part. Put these all together and carry out the instructions.

Finally reach for your bullet vibrator for the climax of the evenings events. Use the vibrator to stimulate sensitive regions and eventually on the clitoris to bring an end to proceedings.

Clean the vibrator after use, put the lid on the candle and put everything back in the box to be used next time ;-PK

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California Exotics Ours Romance Kit £28.99