Bodywand Plug In Vibrating Massager

Brand: Bodywand

Bodywands originated as 'personal massagers' for tired backs and shoulders but we all knew what we actually wanted to use them for! This is a modern take on an old classic with an emphasis on the fact that this Bodywand Vibrating Massager operates on mains power so no need to worry about batteries! 

 (Although they do genuinely make a great massager! Just make sure you do that first... not last....)

Details Smooth 8 speed vibrator. Silicone head. 3m cable. Adjustable vibrations scale. Discreet and quiet.

Dimensions 13” long  Circumference 7.5”

How on earth do I use the Bodywand Plug In Vibrating Massager!?

Make sure you plug your product in to the mains. The extra long 3m cable means that you will be able to relax away from the plug socket if need be.

The silky smooth, plastic head means that you won’t need lube but if you prefer to use it, use with a water based lube to ensure your Bodywand Aqua is a lifelong friend.

The handle has a built in scroll button so that you can increase or decrease the power of the vibrations. Start off on the lightest setting and gently caress the head against your most sensitive parts. It will feel great against your vulva and specifically against your clitoris. Perfect for solo or partner play.

Clean after use with a toy cleaner or warm soapy water.

If you are new to using a vibrator then why not read the Peachy Keen guide to 'Which vibrator should I buy?' ;-PK

This is an amazingly powerful vibrator. Not quite the vibrator you are looking for? Browse our full range of vibrators.

Bodywand Plug In Vibrating Massager £54.99