Aneros Helix Syn

Brand: Aneros

Aneros the company started out from a medical health point of view so you can be assured that the Helix Syn is providing the safest and most anatomically compatible prostate massager.

The Aneros Helix Syn is perfectly sculpted to give you an amazing anal and prostate massage. The perfect prostate massager for beginners and a firm favourite of those more experienced with P-Spot stimulation. Ideal for solo or partner play.



A fabulous but totally NSFW comic review of some Aneros products from Oh Joy Sex Toy.

Details Made from firm, smooth silicone. Curved tip graduating into an ergonomic design. Curved handle on the end for easier insertion and removal.

Dimensions Length: 5" (4" insertable) Circumference: 3"

How on earth do I use the Aneros Helix Syn!?

Firstly, if you’re not sure what the point of using an anal plug or a prostate massager is, then check out the Peachy Keen glossary?!

The tapered end is specifically contoured to be easy and comfortable to insert. However, It is still essential to use a generous amount of a water-based lube on the toy and around and on the opening to the anus for comfort.

You can insert your own prostate massager or your partner can do it for you. (Peachy Keen would recommend doing it yourself unless you fully trust your partner to go steady and stop if you need them to.) Hold the base of the Aneros Helix Syn. Position the tapered end at the anus and angle it slightly towards your stomach. Relax, breathe and gently push so that the end of the prostate massager is inserted. Once in, wait until you feel comfortable, relax, breathe and push the rest in.

You can then continue your business as usual or if you want to keep playing with the plug then you can use the flexible loop to rock, wiggle, twist etc. the plug for different sensations.

Some men like to use the Aneros Helix Syn for training their anus for anal play, or they don't like to play with the toy with their hands - instead using their muscles to do the work for them.

To remove the Aneros Helix Syn - relax, breathe and use the curved handle to gently pull out the massager.

It's so simple to clean - just use warm soapy water or toy cleaner. 

Once you've mastered this then you can move on to a vibrating prostate massager. 

Aneros Helix Syn £50.00