Anal Play - Quite obviously... any sexual  foreplay or intercourse to do with the anus, (back passage), in men or women, be it anal sex or the use of toys such as plugs and dildos. Our anal play specific products.

BDSM -  Joins together the terms bondage and discipline with sadism and masochism. Sometimes dominance and submission sneaks its way in there too. Things you might be into if you were into BDSM are; bondage, spanking, whipping etc but the term is very broad. BDSM tends to have a subculture and community of its own and people tend to self identify as BDSM. Equally, you might enjoy light spanking and tying your partner up but not consider yourself part of the BDSM community.

Bondage - Also known as Restraining. Generally can be separated into light and heavy bondage but refers to the practise of tying up or being tied up for pleasure. Peachy Keen sells light bondage accessories such as rope, wrist cuffs and ankle ties that can be used within the bedroom. Heavier bondage might have specialist chairs or devices to be bound too. The reasons people can find bondage erotic because of the submission and lack of control element - it is the ultimate act of trust. 


Clitoral Play - Any sexual play or intercourse involving a woman’s clitoris (See below - on this page, and also on a woman), including oral sex, masturbation or using toys such a clitoral vibrators.

Clitoris - The fun pea or bean shaped ‘button’ found on a female where the inner lips or labia meet. It has 8,000 nerve endings so no wonder it feels good when stimulated and no wonder around 75% of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm.

Dildo - Used for vaginal stimulation or penetration in woman and/or anal stimulation and penetration in both men and woman. Dildos are generally phallic in shape to mimic the shape of the penis and range from being made of malleable silicone all the way to steel or glass. They come in a range of lengths and girths. Some dildos have ridges, bumps and other textures to enhance pleasure. Take a look at our range of dildos.

Erogenous Zones - Refers to parts of the body which are sensitive to touch and kiss. Depending on the area, they can also arouse and or cause orgasms. They differ from person to person but can include, neck, nipples, inner thigh. These are good places, to kiss, massage and caress.

Erotic Spanking - The act of spanking/hitting another person with a palm or a paddle to turn them (and you) on. Usually done on the bottom, the shock to the skin can stimulate the whole region and provide exciting anticipation and fun power play roles. Always discuss the option of including spanking with a partner before doing so and start off gently. Buy our spanking paddle here.

Foreplay - Used to mean the actions and interactions that lead up to sex. Can be as tame as flirting or kiss or as full on as stroking and playing with intimate areas. Often involves the ‘erogenous zones’. A great time to include sex toys in your routine. You could start with a massage and move on to a tease. We can recommend these products to help with your foreplay.

Fetish - You can have a sexual fetish about anything but fetishes are generally used to refer to ‘non conventional’ things that turn people on such as body parts like feet, objects or situations. Peachy Keen says, if you’re not hurting anyone and it’s not illegal then let your freak flag fly.   

G-Spot - Illusive to some, a 'must-use' to others. The G-Spot is a sensitive area of the vagina, supposedly 2-3” up on the front internatl side, that can feel great when stimulated. It’s existance has been fiercely debated but we figure, who cares, if something feels great, then great! If it doesn’t or you ‘can’t find it,’ don’t lose sleep over it, move on to something else that feels great.

Labia - These are more commonly known as the lips to the vagina, I’m guessing because they look like a bizarre set mouth lips… can’t really see it myself. Women have two sets, external and internal. The external set are the the ones that have hair on them and are essentially connected to the legs. The internal set can be longer or shorter than the outer, or you can have one long, one short. Lots of women worry about the way they look - don’t. Their job is to cover and protect the clitoris, the urethra and the vagina, love them for this!

Lubricant - Often shortened to ‘lube’ or referred to as ‘body glide’ or ‘personal massage oil,’ this product has many guises. Its main aim is to provide more wetness down below so that masturbation and sex is more comfortable for men and women, ergo more enjoyable. If you’re just starting out, it’s probably best to choose a water based lube, especially if you are using condoms as contraception. For oral sex, you might want to choose a flavoured lube and for an added extra in other sexual activities, a warming or a tingling lube. Use lube by massaging a small amount onto private parts and reapply when necessary.

HINT: Sometimes lube can feel really great on your nipples, boobs and bum too.

Orgasm - More commonly known as ‘cumming.’ There are a few different ways to orgasm but generally male orgasm happens when the man ejaculates (Shoots sperm and other stuff out of the hole in the end of his penis) through masturabtion or penatrative sex. Most females orgasm through stimulation of the clitoris, some through vaginal penetration. In both sexes there is a build up of feelings and stimulation in the sexual organs before they contract and spasm in a delightful and moreish manner!

Penis Play - Unsuprisingly… any sexual foreplay or intercourse to do with the penis, including, masturabtion, oral sex and applying to toys such as penis rings.

Penis Ring - Also known as a cock ring or love ring. Generally split into two categories: vibrating and non vibrating. The main point of a non vibrating cock rings is to trap blood in the erect penis helping to maintain a longer erection.(Peachy Keen don’t currently sell non vibrating - Let us know if you want us to)  A vibrating cock ring does very slightly restrict blood flow but the main function is the vibrations provide stimulate for the male and his partner during intercourse. Probably the best and tamest way for a man to start wearing and using sex toys with a partner.

Plug - Better know as a butt plug, these items are inserted into the anus in partner play or masturbation. They generally start out looking like a didlo at the top and then flare down into a wider part and base at the bottom (bottom of the toy, not your bottom… well also your bottom actually!).  They can feel good for guys because they stimulate the prostate and they can feel good for women because they can stimulate the g-spot and sensitive surrounding areas. See our plugs here, just like dildos and vibrators they can come in many shapes and sizes. Always make sure you and the toy are well lubricated before using a plug.

Temperature Play - Refers to using cool or warm temperatures in foreplay or intercourse to heighten the sensation on skin and inside the body. It can be achieved easily by using ice, liquids or blowing but generally refers to the use of toys to help achieve this sensation. Certain toys can be used at room temperature or warmed or cooled, such as glass dildos or you can buy sexcessories specifically for their temperature such as massage candles or warming or cooling lubricants.

USB Rechargeable - Toys that are USB rechargeable are charged through a USB cable being connected to the USB port on the toy and a computer or a USB mains plug. Many of these toys can be waterproof despite this, you just have to make sure to close the port with the cover before submerging.

Vagina - Although we seem to use the word vagina to refer to female downstairs bits, vagina actually only means the opening/hole in between the labia and also in between the clitoris and perineum. This is the hole where toys such as dildos can go. The vagina is ‘self lubricating’, in that, when most females are turned on they produce a liquid from their vagina, however many females still prefer to use a lube to make intercourse more comfortable.

Vaginal Play - Any sexual play or intercourse involving a woman’s vagina including oral sex, masturbation or using sex toys.

Vibrator - Battery, mains or USB charged sex toy which stimulates the skin and nerve endings of the private parts, generally of women but some men can find them pleasurable. They come in all shapes, sizes, strengths and colours - find out more here.

Vulva - A word that is being used more and more because understandably, people are getting a bit confused about that whole female downstairs region. The entire region, inclusive of the clitoris, labia and vagina is called the vulva. So unless you are referring to a specific part of the female private parts, you are meant to use the word vulva.