Peachy Keen - “A sex toy website that you could show your mum.”

A bold claim from our mate Jack… and a massive compliment. Due to the way the products are presented and discussed - there’s nothing to feel embarrassed or awkward about here. This isn’t your average saucy sex toy site - it’s a normal, fun site for normal, fun people and why shouldn’t we accessorise our sex lives like we do every other part of our lives?  


Peachy Keen is committed to making the browsing, purchasing and using of sex toys a normal, fun, healthy part of adult life. We do this by:

- Providing a smaller, curated, tried and tested product range. Anna @ the Peachy Keen Team, used to find herself completely overwhelmed when shopping for toys online. “There was way too much choice and some of it too hardcore and intimidating for someone who wasn’t necessarily interested in trying ALL areas .” Here you can browse through our smaller collection and delve deeper into the products that suit you.

- Not bombarding you with false claims like ‘Buy this and you will have a fantastic sex life!’  We know that you have a great sex life and the reason is it so great is that sometimes you wonder about using sex toys or trying different things. We know that sex toys are a fantastic contribution to pleasure in the bedroom and a great tool to exploring what does and does not work for you. We’ve provided you with a friendly, honest and open arena to see what you might like to try next.  

- Being unassuming and inclusive. Other than the obvious ones, our products are gender and sexuality non specific. We feel you have the right to shop in an environment where presumptions aren’t made about your looks, tastes or choice of partner. For this reason, we don’t have photos of half naked people plastered over our website and where possible we don’t have them on our packaging either.

- Giving you a voice. Our blog is a great way to find people that you identify with and have shared experiences with. You can use the comments section to start a dialogue with other users or write your own piece to be posted.

The Peachy Keen team are located mainly in London but also partly in North Wales. We love hearing from our customers all over the UK and beyond! Please drop us a line to give us feedback, correct our spelling mistakes, make a request or submit a blog post.