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Jimmyjane Hello Touch

Brand: Jimmyjane

At the risk of conjuring up images of Edward Scissorhands, the Jimmyjane Hello
Touch has the ability to transform your fingertips into vibrators.
The Jimmyjane Hello Touch is ideal for people who are looking to try something new,
or people looking for  a stepping stone into the e-stim (erotic electrostimulation)
Find out how Matthew and Erika from OJST got on with the Jimmyjane Hello Touch in this awesome (But NSFW) comic review.
Hello Touch
Details 2 silicone pods, battery pack, 2 x AAAA batteries, flexible armband, single
speed vibration. Comes with travelcase.
Dimensions 11.5” from power pack to pads
How on earth do I use the Jimmyjane Hello Touch!?
Slip the battery pack into the armband and slide the band onto your wrist with the battery pack on top. Place the pods onto your fingertips, try the middle and forefinger at first. Start the vibrations and use your fingertips to stroke and explore.
Perfect for solo or partner play - they are also waterproof! As they are small, they are perfect for travel.
We love this product as a couples toy because it is something new for you to try together, it forces you to communicate and tell each other what feels good and it is versatile as each time you can try something different. It featured on GLAMOUR's The Best Sex Toys for Every Person.
HINT: Try wearing the pods on the thumb and forefinger to grasp and squeeze. ;-PK

Jimmyjane Hello Touch £39.99 £32.99