Tenga Air-Tech Reusable Vacuum Cup Regular

Brand: Tenga

"But I like vacuuming!!" Now you can say this and mean it with the Tenga Air-Tech Reusable Vacuum Cup Regular. 

This male masturbator can be used again and again. It has nodules and grooves inside to stimulate your shaft and head. It also has spirals and air pockets to create controllable suction and flow of air to provide a different, gentle sensation that pleasures the entire shaft for you. 

Details  Reusable male masturbator sleeve in a hard casing. Internal spirals create a vacuum sensation. Made from flexible antibacterial elastomer. Includes sachet of Tenga Water-based lube.

Dimensions Insertable depth: 5.5”  Canal diameter: 0.75" 

How on earth do I use the Tenga Air-Tech Reusable Vacuum Cup Regular!?

All variations of the Tenga Air-Tech Reusable Vacuum Cup range are used the same way. Tear off the perforated sleeve so that you are left with the smooth, plain red casing.

Pop the cap off and cover yourself and the toy with a good amount of water-based lubricant.The product comes with a sachet of water-based lubricant or you can buy your own here. The curved design of this male masturbator makes it easy to use, even with slippery hands. Slide your penis into the Tenga Reusable Vacuum Cup Regular and holding it (and yourself) in your palm, stroke the toy back and forth. 

The Tenga Air-Tech Vacuum Cup in regular red was the first of the cups. The protrusions are more pronounced than the gentle, to make it more powerful but not as bold as the strong. It makes a great starting place for solo play.

All Air-Tech vacuum cups feature spiral detail to the inside that creates a perfect vacuum for added feeling. The suction strength can be changed by using your forefinger to cover the hole in the top whilst stroking.

The Tenga Reusable Air-Tech Vacuum Cup Regular is a reusable male masturbator when cleaned appropriately after use. Once finished, rinse the toy with warm soapy water and or clean with toy cleaner and dry.

If you are looking for something completely hassle free after ejaculating then why not try our one-use Tenga Egg Range. ;-PK


Tenga Air-Tech Reusable Vacuum Cup Regular £24.99