Mirror mirror on the wall  (Or on the ceiling in this case) who’s the fairest of them all?  Quite frankly, we all are with this gorgeous bedroom accessory - providing an entire new visual dimension to your play sessions.

Peachy Keen presents the fabulous LUVVU Mirror, the mirror for lovers, from the people at LUVSENSE London. This safe, elegant, easily hidden, reversible mirror provides a great opportunity for your inner voyeur - you can catch glimpses of your play in the mirror or watch the whole event play out before your very eyes in glorious detail.

Details The mirror is acrylic so this product is lightweight and shatterproof. Reversible with a normal 'silver' and red reflection. Three adjustable legs to be clipped onto the mirror. Mirror can be angled and rotated. Comes with a discreet ceiling fixture and a cover for the fixture when not in use. Includes 2 storage bags and the fixings required for ceiling installation.

Dimensions Mirror: 70cm in diameter. Distance from ceiling when attatched: minimum - 0.5m maximum - 0.68m. Weight: 3kg

Reviews 'You can enjoy not only viewing their body as you pleasure them, or as they pleasure you, but also a slightly narcissistic and guilty pleasure enjoying watching your own body writhe and contort with sexual pleasure as you play out your very own porn or fetish scene.' Cara Sutra Sex on the Ceiling. SPOILER - she gave it a 10/10.

How on earth do I use the LUVSENSE LUVVU Mirror!?

The LUVSENSE LUVVU Mirror requires initial setting up but once it’s up, you’re done and future use will be very simple. First you need to find the best place to install your mirror, Peachy Keen would suggest above the centre of your bed - remember it can be adjusted and angled to get the perfect view.

You then need to attach the ceiling fixture with the fixings provided. The LUVVU Mirror can be installed with a drill into most ceiling types. “But I don’t want a strange looking fixture permanently in the ceiling?” Fear not! You can clip the discreet cover over the top so the ceiling fixture looks just like a smoke alarm - clever isn't it? Then the hard part is done.

To use, choose whether you want to enjoy the silver mirror or the red mirror, clip the legs into the frame and fix them in place with 3 individual ball turners, lift the mirror by its frame and align the connector up with the ceiling fixture and twist clockwise into its safe operating position. (The mirror is lightweight but you might want someone to help you.) You can rotate the mirror by hand, and angle it by twisting its ball turners. You can change the height of the mirror by twisting all the legs. Luckily the lovely people at LUVSENSE have made an installation video to show you just how easy it is:


Then you are ready to play and enjoy your LUVVU Mirror. LUVSENSE have designed the LUVVU Mirror as a practical and discreet alternative to a permanent ceiling mirror. A mirror is beneficial in play because it heightens the sensations by allowing you to see yourself and your lover more intimately. You can catch sexy glimpses of your partner pleasuring you and see things you don't usually get to see - unless you're making a sex tape... There's an idea.... As the mirror is on that ceiling, it is also far enough away to worry about any unflattering scenes, it's like having your very own Instagram filter on your sex life ;-PK

To remove and dismantle the mirror, (Although why would you!?) just perform the reverse of the above - turn the mirror anti-clockwise by its frame to take it out of its ceiling connector and detach the legs from the mirror by removing the ball turners. Everything can be stored in the handy storage bags and lain flat under the bed or in a cupboard. Clip the cap on the fixture to turn your bedroom back to the way it was.

Hint: Positions that would allow you to both enjoy the mirror would be those such as spooning or reverse cowgirl.

Feeling brave!? Use the mirror for solo play! Enjoy your body and seeing yourself in a new way.

When not in use, store mirror flat. Please allow up to a week for this product to be delivered.

LUVSENSE LUVVU Mirror £285.00