Minx Silver Love Balls

Brand: Minx

Brought to the public’s attention because of Fifty Shades of Grey, Ben Wa balls (Also known as jiggle balls, love balls and love eggs) have been around for centuries and it’s easy to see why with these Minx Silver Love Balls.

Check out Jessica's Rabbit review and the Pleasure Panel's honest and unbiased review of the Minx Silver Love Balls.

Details Two silver balls containing a small interval oscillating weighted balls in each. Connected by a thread with a loop on the end to aid removing the balls. Waterproof, soft flexible outer coating, latex and phalete free.

Dimensions Weight: 57g

Reviews "Taking them out (or getting my partner to) just before sex helped my orgasm come along quicker and stronger and made me feel tighter for him." 7/10 at The Pleasure Panel

How on earth do I use the Minx Silver Love Balls!?

These balls are definitely designed for pleasure but they also have health benefits. The two silver balls contain free weighted beads that roll and create pressure inside of you whenever you move to provide sensation and stimulation. Worn regularly, these balls can help tone your pelvic floor muscles and provide strength and sustain orgasms. 

Insert your Minx Silver Love Balls by coating them in lube. When you are feeling relaxed, either lying down on the bed or standing up then push the top jiggle ball gently into your vagina. Once ready, breathe and push it up higher so that it is sitting nicely - your vagina should welcome it in as it were and don’t worry, you’re not going to push it too far. Once you feel happy with the one ball being in then place the second in too with the loop hanging down outside your body. Take a few steps and stand up and sit down to check that everything feels in the right place. You will feel a strange but pleasant ‘weighty’ sensation but you shouldn’t be uncomfortable or in pain. If you do feel this then adjust the balls as and when necessary.

Feeling brave!? Peachy Keen suggests wearing your jiggle balls out of the house to feel naughty. No one will know and if you have inserted them properly, you will be able to go about your business with no one realising. A great turn on for your partner too!

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Minx Silver Love Balls £5.99