Body Adventure Sexy Dice Game for Couples

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Bored of regular board games? Let Peachy Keen introduce you to a new genre of game. Use the Body Adventure Sexy Dice Game for a night in to remember. 2 or more players! Perfect for spicing up your foreplay.

Details 6 plastic dice, 2 green, 2 blue, 2 red.

Reviews 'For a fiver, you can have a lot of fun – but you may just need to get creative with some of the suggestions.' Read the Full Review from The Pleasure Panel.

How on earth do I use the Body Adventure Sexy Dice Game!?

Each couple gets a red, blue and green die - if playing with more than one other person then you will just have to place nice and take turns.

Roll your dice in turn or all at the same time. We would recommend rolling red first to see what action will take place. Then roll the blue die to show where on the body this action has to be performed. Finally the green die will show you where in the house you will have to carry this out.

This game will help you and your partner explore what turns you on and add more foreplay moves to your already extensive repertoire.

Check out The Big Gay Review's honest and unbiased review of the Body Adventure Sexy Dice Game.

HINT: You could try using a blindfold or a teaser once you've got used to the dice. 

There are only winners in this game - my kind of game! ;-PK

Body Adventure Sexy Dice Game for Couples £4.99