Lelo Loki Vibrating Prostate Massager

Brand: Lelo

Loki is the Norse God know for his mischief and you can get up to all sorts of mischief with this Lelo Loki Prostate Massager. 

The curved, ergonomic design specifically targets the prostate and the 5 different modes allow you to find a vibration that suits your level of pleasure. Peachy Keen knows that women aren't the only ones who should enjoy vibrators.

Details Made from smooth silicone. Tapered tip graduating into a wider curve. 5 individual vibration settings. Comes with a small satin storage bag, USB charger and warranty.

Dimensions Length: 7.75" (4.5" insertable) Circumference: 4.5" (at the widest part)

How on earth do I use the Lelo Loki Prostate Massager!?

Firstly, if you’re not sure what the point of using anal toys is, then check out the Peachy Keen glossary?!

This is the older more girthier brother of the Lelo Billy. The tapered end is specifically contoured to be easy and comfortable to insert. However, It is still a good idea to use a generous amount of a water-based lube on the toy and around and on the opening to the anus for comfort.

You can insert your own anal vibrator or your partner can do it for you. Position the tapered end at the anus and angle it slightly towards your stomach. Relax, breathe and gently push so that the end of the vibrator is inserted. Once in, wait until you feel comfortable, relax, breathe and push more in. The flared part of the massager will stop too much going in.

The vibration settings are operated by the interface buttons on the handle - the speed stays the same but there are 5 vibrations to choose from and the intensity can be increased or decreased. Simply charge Loki for 1 hour to enjoy up to 2 hours of fun.

You can then continue your business as usual or if you want to keep playing with the vibrator then you can use the handle to rock, wiggle, twist etc. the massager for different sensations.

To remove the Lelo Loki - relax, breathe and gently pull out the vibrator. Easily cleaned with soapy water or toy cleaner.

Once you’ve mastered this then why not try one of our other anal toys? ;-PK

Lelo Loki Vibrating Prostate Massager £119.00