Dark Stallions 7" Silicone Dual Butt Plug Black

Brand: Dark Stallions

Two butt plugs for the price of one, so you can wear your butt plug to suit your mood ;-PK

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Details Made from anti-bacterial, latex-free, odourless Silagel material. Black. One end tapered tip graduating into a slightly wider curve. Other end consisting of 4 connecting balls that gradually increase in size. The dual sides means the plug is secure and it helps aid insertion and removal.

Dimensions Length: around 7"

How on earth do I use the Dark Stallions 7" Silicone Dual Butt Plug!?

Firstly, if you’re not sure what the point of using butt plugs is then check out the glossary.

Anal play isn’t for everyone but can awaken new pleasure zones and sensations for both men and women.

Both ends are tapered and specifically contoured to be easy and comfortable to insert. However, It is still a good idea to use a generous amount of a water-based lube on the toy and around and on the opening to the anus for comfort.

You can insert your own anal plug or your partner can do it for you. Hold the plug you're not going to be using. Position the opposite tapered end at the anus and angle it slightly towards your stomach. Relax, breathe and gently push so that the end of the plug is inserted. Once in you, wait until you feel comfortable, relax, breathe and push more in. If you can, keep going until the whole of the plug is inserted and held in your anus.

You can then continue your business as usual or if you want to keep playing with the plug then you can use the other plug as a handle to rock, wiggle, twist etc. the plug for different sensations.

Once you’ve mastered this then you can move up to the next size ;-PK

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Dark Stallions 7" Silicone Dual Butt Plug Black £14.99