#ItsOkayTo ..... Use sex toys in the bath

It's totally okay, safe and fun to use sex toys in the bath. Peachy Keen highly recommends it as a way to chill out and try something new and sexy.

*DISCLAIMER - they HAVE to be waterproof AND suitable for submersion. Please check the packaging or google it before taking the plunge. Seriously, at the very least you could ruin your sex toy and at the very worst, you could electrocute yourself! Yikes!*

Why do people use sex toys in the bath? 

-If you live with other people, the bathroom is probably the only room in the house with a lock so you are guaranteed a cheeky fiddle without anyone bursting in. 

-The vibrations of even your loudest toy will be quietened underwater so you're definitely not going to get caught.

- Vibrations can also be softened by the water, so that toy that you love but goes at you like a jack hammer, won't feel like it's grating your bits off. Check out how Erika Moen at OhJoySexToy uses her Jimmyjane Form 2 in the bath for this exact reason.

Jimmyjane Form 2

- It's sexy to relax in the bath and get all clean and be dirty. The warm water provides a great sensation over your body. This works whether you are alone or with someone else. Different is sexy, bath orgasms are different to bed orgasms - try it and see what we mean! 

  - There's no clean up operation afterwards if you are using your sex toy in the bath, great for those of us who hate mess. You can literally wash the toy without moving. Silicone toys can be kept fresh by washing them in warm soapy water. Okay it's a bit more of an issue for men but make sure you're finished in the bath and then you can quickly wash the toy and jump out. 

What sex toy is good for using in the bath?

Peachy Keen recommends these three as the best waterproof sex toys for using in the bath:

- As mentioned above, the Jimmyjane Form 2 is arguably the best sex toy to use in the bath. Fully submersible with several different functions and speeds to play with. The silicone makes it smooth but not too slippery so contact is maintained where it's needed at all times. It's silent and wonderful. It's easy to clean and dry afterwards too. 

The Jimmyjane Form 2 Rechargeable USB Vibrator
Jimmyjane Form 2 USB Rechargeable Vibrator








- As the name suggests, The Bodywand Aqua Waterproof Vibrator is fully suited for use as a sex toy in the bath tub. The 8 speed settings means you are certain to find a level that works for you. The design means that the handle is easy to grip and the head is simple to maneouver, even in the confined space of the bath. 

The Bodywand Aqua Waterproof Vibrator

Bodywand Aqua

-  Peachy Keen would reccommend the Tenga Eggs as a sex toy for men to use in the bath. You'll still have to use the sachet of lubricant but the warm water will give the egg a much more realistic and fun sensation. Plus you can contain the mess and wash straight away!

Tenga Egg Masturbators

Tenga Egg CloudyTenga Egg Cloudy

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