#FridayFive - 5 best Tenga Eggs that are even better than chocolate eggs

In honour of the goings on of last week's #FrogSpawnGate and because it's Good Friday so erm.... something to do with eggs maybe, Peachy Keen presents to you the 5 best Tenga Eggs, reviewed by people who *shock horror* actually tried them!

1) Long before the 1/10 reviews (Bitter!? Moi!?) the lovely Scandarella reviewed the Tenga Egg Shiny for The Pleasure Panel

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Tenga Egg Shiny

'All penises should try a Tenga Egg at least once in their lives, and we can definitely recommend the TENGA Egg Shiny.' 10/10 

2) Joanne's Reviews is Peachy Keen's Knight in Silky Armour! She took it upon herself to write a proper review of the Tenga Egg Silky for The Pleasure Panel that didn't involve any pork pie references. 

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Tenga Egg Silky

'I like the Tenga Eggs, they are cheap, cheerful and make having a quick wank a lot more fun and less messy as well I guess. There are dozens of textures to choose from and I am looking forward to testing the frog spawn one next ?' 9/10

3) Just in case you think I'm being bias because all these reviews are for Peachy Keen then have at you!! Here's the LoveHoney reviews for the Tenga Egg Surfer

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Tenga Egg Surfer

 4/5 stars from 14 reviews 

4) In case you think people aren't prepared to commit to film their opinion of the Tenga Eggs (Not like that pervie pants) then you're wrong!! Here The All Male Review states the pros and cons of Tenga Eggs, specifically the Tenga Egg Silky and Tenga Egg Wavy.


'It's very easy to clean up, the novelty is really high, functionally it's not perfect but it gets the job done.' 3/5

5) And because it's Easter and there are no hard feelings, let's relive the hilarity that is this wonderful piece of literary genius about the Tenga Egg Clicker, something for all budding sex toy reviewers to aspire to....

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Tenga Egg Clicker

'What I saw seemed to me to be an inside full of frogspawn and that was a deal breaker for me, at a young age I fell into a lake full of the stuff getting it up my nose, in my mouth, even in my ears...  Hence this toy getting a flying lesson and a swift filing under B for bin.' 1/10

Have a good Easter guys - stay on dry land!

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Joanne said:

Thanks for the shout out, I love this blog post – soooo funny although there is nothing to laugh about when you consider the shenanigans behind #FrogSpawnGate

Carnal Queen

Carnal Queen said:

Awesome ?
Tenga eggs have been a fave in our house for years – Lovely eggs that won’t alter your waistline!
Happy Easter everyone!

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