#FridayFive - 5 things that are better than sex (In my humble opinion)

1) Scones that rip open neatly

Now I'm no Mary Berry but I know that you shouldn't need a knife to split a good scone in half. So when you can split it evenly with your bare hands... Phwoar.. And also eating said scone.

2) Having even flicked eyeliner

Seriously, this has probably only happened to me twice in my entire life. Whereas sex happens oh at least twice a month. Ergo having delightfully flicked eyeliner feels better than sex....

3) Going to sleep and waking up a full 8 hours later

90s jumping bed home alone macaulay culkin

Between the toddler and the old man I've married getting up to pee 5 times a night.... this is not something that happens to me. But when it does, boom I feel like a Queen. Yaaaasss slay.

4) Catching something you didn't expect to catch

I mean a missile not a cold or chlamydia. I never expect to catch things when they're thrown at me so each time is a mini victory.

5) Washing after a 30 hour journey

emma stone easy a ra singing gif singing in the shower

As a connoisseur of the long distance flight, I don't think I can describe how good it feels when you scrub off several time zones of germs. Well yes I can, it's better than sex.

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