#FridayFive - 5 Peachy Perfect Valentine's Day Sexy Gifts

In my humble opinion, the only good thing about Valentine's Day (Especially if you're in a long term relationship) is the almost guaranteed certainty of sex. 

Why not use this dead cert to introduce some new toys into the bedroom, or bathroom... or shed... wherever you like it, we don't judge. So here are our 5 favourite adult toys for Valentine's Day:

1) We Vibe 4 Plus Couples Vibrator

We-Vibe 4 Plus Couples Vibrator

 Valentine's is about showing how much you care for each other and with the We Vibe 4 Plus Couples Vibrator you can also show how much you care about your sex life too! This discreet vibrator nestles in the vagina and presses on the clitoris allowing him or her to enter too - a perfect gift for the both of you. 

2) Jimmyjane Form 2

Jimmyjane Form 2

 The Jimmyjane Form 2 is a perfect clitoral vibrator for females and can be used for either solo masturbation or for clitoral stimulation during sex. It has different settings and various levels of power so that you can find the one that's right for you.

3) Icicles No 5 Glass Dildo

Icicles No 5 Glass Dildo

 Glass dildos are great for trying something new that's not too daunting and they make a romantic and thoughtful present. Warm this Icicles No 5 Glass Dildo up in warm water for a different sensation. Use a water-based lubricant and just slide the dildo in, gently thrusting and rotating to find out what feels great. 

4) LuvSense LUVVU Mirror


If you're looking for something to absolutely blow the socks off your other half then the LuvSense London LUVVU Mirror makes a perfect gift for Valentine's Day. The LUVVU mirror creates a really romantic atmosphere by allowing you and your partner or partners to look at each other during sex. 

5) Peachy Keen Gift Cards

Peachy Keen Gift Card £50 - Peachy Keen

And finally if you're still not sure what to buy for Valentine's Day as a nice sexy surprise for your other half, why not buy them a Peachy Keen Gift Card? This way you can browse our site together and discuss the products with each other before settling on a toy that's perfect for you. 

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