New to Peachy Keen - Introducing the LUVSENSE LUVVU Mirror

As of November 2015, Peachy Keen is proud to now be stocking the gorgeous LUVSENSE LUVVU Mirror for lovers - a safe, elegant, easily hidden, reversible ceiling mirror to watch your bedroom session played out.

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The LUVSENSE LUVVU Mirror: £285 inc Free and Discreet delivery

This is a massive exclusive for us, as Peachy Keen is currently the only place you can buy this mirror (RRP £285) other than direct from LUVSENSE.

Tell me more about LUVSENSE and the LUVVU mirror.

LUVSENSE was founded by London based couple Elizabeth and Neil and is 'a sophisticated playful brand, dedicated to creating beautiful lifestyle accessories which enhance the sensual side of sex.' source: LUVSENSE The product has been through extensive product testing as safety and quality is key to LUVSENSE. 

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You may have seen the LUVVU Mirror on its launch 'tour' at Sexhibition and Sexpo. The LUVSENSE stall was an oasis of calm and serenity, all soft pillows and uplighting - delicious. You can see how the mirror would add a touch of decadence to any bedroom.

Easy to dismantle and store away when not in use.

The LUVVU Mirror is a modern, classy twist on that trashy cliche of a mirrored ceiling above a heart shaped bed with a leopard print bedspread. Mirrored ceilings existed, and are still popular among certain circles today, for a reason. - they turn us on. They do this by providing an extra special visual element to see exactly what we're getting up to when we're having sex. We get to see our body from different angles, it's like starring in and watching your very own porno, without the fear of it ending up on the internet.

What's so special about the LUVVU Mirror?

Elizabeth and Neil knew that mirrored ceilings were sexy but completely impractical and now had slightly negative connotations so they designed a practical, classy alternative for the 21st century. The mirror is large enough to give you a good view but small enough for you to catch glimpses of your play, more than having the whole event in all its glory emblazoned on the ceiling. Think of it like running your session through an Instagram filter. You can see all the sexy selfies that have been taken in the LUVVU mirror on Twitter under the #luvvumirror

Practical and safe interlocking system

The LUVVU Mirror is highly practical because after initial set up, the mirror can be put up and removed quickly and the ceiling fixture covered over, so no panicking if someone comes over and wants to know what is above your bed. Although to be honest, even if they saw it they'd probably think you were just blazing a trail in interior design - we've had couples tell us that they leave their LUVVU Mirror up just so they can have a chat in bed looking up at it.   

Another reason we love the LUVSENSE LUVVU Mirror is because it is completely unobtrusive - how many other sex accessories do you know that work from a distance, without every touching the body. The LUVVU Mirror is a great bedroom accessory for people who might be a bit wary of sex toys or at the other end of the scale, those who have tried most things and are looking for something new to try.

The LUVSENSE LUVVU mirror can be many things to many people, it can be romantic, see the sexy video below, it can be kinky, it can be used for solo or partner play, it can be angled or reversed depending on your mood. You would have a very great difficulty recreating this experience with any other product so this makes the LUVSENSE LUVVU mirror unique and desirable and that's why Peachy Keen are very happy to be selling it.


Create a romantic night in with the LUVVU Mirror: Source

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If you would like to buy the LUVSENSE LUVVU Mirror you can do so at Peachy Keen. RRP £285. Free and discreet delivery. If you are outside of the UK and would like to buy, please contact us on or using our contact form and we will work something out. ;-PK

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