System JO H2O Peachy Lips H2O Lubricant

System JO H2O Peachy Lips

Ewww, I hear you say. Why would you want your lube or your bits to taste like peach? Well, why not I guess!? If you're not a massive fan of our natural tastes or want something to encourage you (Or your partner) to last longer at oral then this sweet tasting lubricant is perfect. 

The System JO Peachy Lips was given a 9/10 by Lovebirds_X at Cara Sutra's Pleasure Panel. Read the review over at Cara's site. You can't argue with a score like that ;-)

The Pleasure Panel was created by Cara Sutra. You can visit Cara at her site or on Twitter.

Buy the System JO Peachy Lips H2O Lubricant at the Peachy Keen store from only £4.99.


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