#FridayFive - 5 of the 'sexiest' Halloween costumes

They really can make anything sexy these days can't they....!?!

1) Sexy Yoshi



Remember when you were playing Mario and that little dinosaur popped up. Of course you thought mmmm sexy Yoshi and only clambered upon his back to penetrate him. 

2) Ursula from the Little Mermaid

I LOVED Ursula and she did not look like this. If I'm going to dress like Ursula, I'm going to make the costume authentic and 8ft wide so that I can knock over all the sexy Yoshis and have my personal space.

3) The Beast

Ditto. Just Ditto. Look at the model's cold dead eyes. What is happening here!?

4) Sponge Bob

Umm why are so many of these children's characters with a sexy spin!? I feel like anyone wearing this not in jest is probably the worst.... At least the previous two attempt to look like the characters - that beast costume is looking pretty good right now. (This costume is actually called Sponge Babe but I just couldn't bring myself to call it that.)

5) Crusader

Mens Crusader Knight Costume

Mmmm there's nothing sexier than religious persecution... Just because there's a time distance, it does't make it okay. I wonder what we'll be dressing up as in 800 years time....


30 October, 2015

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