Fleshlight - A Brand Spotlight

A Brand Spotlight is maybe a slight exaggeration, especially when we only stock 2 Fleshlight products, but they are such big hitters in the adult toy industry that they deserve an honourable mention for sure!

What is Fleshlight?

Fleshlight was founded in 1993 - see told you it deserved respect - after its founder Steve Shubin managed to get a patent in 1998 for the first Fleshlight. Fleshlights started out as devices designed for men to masturbate into disguised as Flashlights, hence the name. I don't need to tell you that it's an American company based in Texas, otherwise it would be called some clever pun on the word Torches.

They then advanced to mold their Fleshlights around female and male pornstars so that men could have the experience of what it feels like to have sex with that star. They are an incredibly successful and well known brand and product - probably like the rampant rabbit for the male sex. 

 So if they're so great then why don't you stock more of their products? 

Great question. While we have a lot of respect for Fleshlight and are in awe of their global success, the majority of their products don't fit in with the Peachy Keen company ethos. We don't sell any anatomical products - that is, products that look exactly like genitalia. You won't find any veined, uncircumcised dildos on our site or products that look exactly like vaginas or anuses. That's just down to Peachy Keen's individual taste and due to the fact that we think sex toys are so advanced now that you don't need an anatomical replica of genitalia for a good time.

We sell the Fleshlight Flight £44.50

Flight Fleshlight

and the Fleshlight GO Torque Ice £44.99

Fleshlight GO Torque Ice Male Masturbator

Both products are great quality and qualify for free discreet delivery and free returns.

You can find a full Fleshlight range from our friends at Simply Pleasure

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