Lelo - A Brand Spotlight

You can spot a Lelo product a mile off! The sleek mix of silicone and silver or gold and the decadent purples and pinks help the product to scream luxury at every opportunity. They refer to themselves as the 'leading designer brand for intimate lifestyle products' and I wouldn't dispute this, they have definitely cultivated a designer aspect to their products. They are the Valentino of the sex toy world and this comes with guaranteed quality and decadence, but also generally a larger price tag.

Lelo Soraya

Lelo Soraya - £109.99

How did Lelo start?

Lelo, or is it pronounced Lee-lo, launched in Sweden in 2003. They started off manufacturing 'personal massagers' or vibrators as us regular folk call them. It was founded by Filip Sedic and they still manufacture all their products in house which is incredibly rare and impressive these days. After developing an extensive range of 'personal massagers' they then moved on to expand into massage oils candles and bedroom accessories. We absolutely adore the Luxury Lelo Intima Blindfold.

Lelo Intima Silk Blindfold

Lelo Intima Silk Blindfold - £37.99

Who buys Lelo products?

A slightly random question I agree but I know certain groups of people have a slight resentment towards Lelo due to the sometimes quite eye watering prices. However, it's not that much more expensive than other high quality brands such as Jimmyjane and We-Vibe and they do spell it out for you - it's designer. You buy Lelo for the same reason you by a Kate Spade bag, to impress. If you are buying a gift, you know that a £100 vibrator will impress your partner. If you are buying for you, you know that a £99 penis ring is the most expensive you can by and carries a lot more weight (Not literally) than a £3.99 jelly, one use, found in the bargain bucket type product.  

Lelo Pino Penis Ring

Lelo Pino Penis Ring - £99.00

 What are your bestsellers?

Peachy Keen currently stocks around 22 Lelo products. Ranging from £5.99 to £129.99. Our bestsellers are:

Lelo Mini Luna Beads

Lelo Mini Luna Beads - £33.00

Lelo Ella Dildo

Lelo Ella Dildo - £27.00


Lelo Gigi 2 Rechargable G-Spot Vibrator

Lelo Gigi 2 Rechargable G-Spot Vibrator - £74.99


Pros of Lelo Products

  • They have a very extensive range of toys - one or two of everything - so it's a great brand for browsing and luxury buyers.
  • The design on these products is indisputably beautiful. 
  • Most of the toys are silicone, come with a charger and are waterproof.

Cons of Lelo Products

  • You will probably have to save up or splurge when buying one as they do come at a price tag.
  • I'm not 100% sure they can justify their prices but then I'd say that about most luxury items.

All in all though Peachy Keen has a massive amount of respect for Lelo - their products are perfect as gifts, for brand conscious shoppers and on special occasions. Browse our range of Lelo Toys

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