Jimmyjane - A Brand Spotlight

Jimmyjane was launched in America in 2003 under the guidance of Ethan Imboden - not by two people called Jimmy and Jane as I had hoped. Jimmyjane seems to embody California to Peachy Keen. They have the benefit of the tech savvy nerds in Silicone Valley creating the very best and most current technological design to their toys and combine this with the laid back, good looking, attitude of LA.  

Jimmyjane Form 4

Jimmyjane Form 4 - £88.99

Jimmyjane are simple and understated, let their products do the talking. They don't have a massive range like some of the other brands but then they don't need or want it. They put their energy into creating effective and beautifully designed products. This does come with a price tag but when you consider the majority of their products are seemless silicone, chargeable and waterproof, you're getting a good deal.  

Tell me about their toys! 

Okay, calm down! All of the Jimmyjane branded products sold at Peachy Keen are firstly intended for female orgasms. The product developers understand that every woman is different and orgasms a different way so the Form range was developed to try to cater to every woman. All you need to do is see which product works for you. They all have different patterns and intensities to play with so you really can create a tailor made orgasm.

Jimmyjane Form 3 USB Rechargeable Vibrator Slate

The Jimmyjane Form 3 on its charger - £89.99 

 Tell me about their massage collection! 

Will do! The Jimmyjane Afterglow candles are firm favourites - their beautiful design means that it is a sex toy that you can actually put on your bedside table! Okay maybe it's not a sex toy exactly but these candles melt down into a warm oil that you can then pour out the spout (This is why they are square) and on to your partner's body. You can then use your hands or the Jimmyjane Massage Stone to massage the luxurious oil in... mmmmmm. The massage collection makes perfect present to buy for someone as you don't have the anxiety of buying them a sex toy but you are buying them something romantic, that can lead to sex!

Jimmyjane Afterglow Pink Lotus Massage Candle

Jimmyjane Afterglow Pink Lotus - £19.99

 What are your bestsellers?

Peachy Keen currently stocks around 15 Jimmyjane products. Ranging from £18.50 to £109.99. Our bestsellers are:

Jimmyjane Form 2

Jimmyjane Form 2 - £89.99

Jimmyjane Afterglow Bourbon Massage Candle

Jimmyjane Afterglow Bourbon Candle - £19.99

Jimmyjane Ceramic Massage Stone

Jimmyjane Ceramic Massage Stone - £18.50


Pros of Jimmyjane Products

  • They have a very extensive range of toys - one or two of everything - so it's a great brand for browsing and for beginners.
  • The design on these products is indisputably beautiful. 
  • Each toy is silicone, comes with a charger and is waterproof.

Cons of Jimmyjane Products

  • They don't produce toys for men or exclusively for couples yet.
  • You will probably have to save up or splurge when buying one as they do come at a price tag.

All in all, Peachy Keen loves Jimmyjane and thinks their products are perfect for beginners, and lovers of style and those who want to tailor make their orgasms. Browse our range of Jimmyjane toys.

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