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Once a month, Peachy Keen sends out a newsletter. This blog explains why we've chosen to make our newsletter a little less 'in your face' than other newsletters in the industry. 

Our Newsletters have more words than pictures. Peachy Keen stems from a need for everyone to be a bit calmer and a bit more normal about the selling and purchasing of sex toys and we want our newsletter to reflect this. We don't think it's appropriate to make a completely NSFW email that you open on your tablet on the train and then have to suffer the looks from other commuters. There will of course be product photos in the email - that kind of goes without saying but they're not going to be the first thing that smacks you in the face.

Our Newsletter will tell you what Peachy Keen is up to. Anna and Lee, the co-founders and directors of Peachy Keen, are very passionate about doing business ethically and having a certain transparency to what they're up to with Peachy Keen. For this reason, we will always tell you what our month was like and what we're doing next. We're a relatively new company and we want to take customers on the journey with us. 

Our Newsletter is only once a month. I currently have 1,427 unopened emails across all my accounts. Terrible I know, but I feel I'm not alone. 100% of these are from companies. Some companies email me every day!! Yes I could unsubscribe but that would involve opening the email.... Peachy Keen doesn't want to be responsible for sending you over the edge. The hope is that our personal email once a month will be opened and read more than if we were bombarding you with dildo pics every day. Who knows...

Our Newsletter has a personal touch. I'm fed up of getting emails from Tiffany or Joel everyday. These people email me more than my mother emails me and I'm starting to get suspicious that they're not even using their real names..... Maybe I should use a pseudonym. I can promise that our newsletter does actually come from one of the founders of Peachy Keen. That's the joy of having a small team!

So there you have it, we might be mad and eat our words but I feel pretty strongly about this one. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. 

If you don't currently receive our newsletter then sign up here: You will receive a 10% off code if you do!!!

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