1. Lube is sticky.
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Some lubes are, that’s fair enough. Some lubes stick your fingers together and make you feel like Winnie the Pooh sticking his paw in the honey pot. These are the wrong lubes to be using. They don’t feel great on your bits, can dry sticky and you need a lot of them. Generally speaking, a water based lube like our System Jo Water-Based Lubricant will be lighter and less likely to be sticky. Many shops and companies offer testers so you can try before you buy to find the right lube for you.

2. Only people who are dry down there use lube.

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I have a lot of people tell me, “We don’t need to use lube.” This is obviously their prerogative but lube shouldn’t be on a ‘need to use’ basis more a ‘want to use’ or ‘why wouldn’t I use’ basis. Of course there are some people who definitely should be using lubricant; such as those having anal sex and women whose hormones are messed up from all manner of things ranging from pregnancy, chemotherapy and hysterectomies. However, plenty of people use lubricant every time just because! They don’t have medical conditions, the parts they are using self lubricate but they still use lube because it feels good and it comes in so many different variations. You can wait for the rain to wash your car or you can take it to the car wash and give it a premium wash and a wax... if you get my drift.

3. Girls don’t use lube for masturbation.

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We’re all perfectly happy with the American Pie notion that guys can slap on some KY Jelly and jerk off but girls are made of sugar and spice and don’t masturbate but if they do there’s not sex toys or lubricant involved. Well there is and we do. It’s more comfortable and easier, some times our ‘own brand’ doesn’t quite cut it and why shouldn’t we give ourselves a little bit of help.

4. Spit/Vaseline/Butter works just as well.

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Even typing this horrified me and made me feel a bit sick. I blame porn for the spit part making it look like sure you can just spit on a penis and have it rammed up your bum and that will be hella comfortable. The Vaseline and butter I hope (Hope is the wrong word.) is just teenagers who are too embarrassed to buy actual lube and are trying to find a home remedy. Don’t. Spit dries out and is gross and anything else, you have no idea what base is being used in the ingredient. It can cause yeast infections or cause condoms to become defective. So not worth it!

5. Buying lube is embarrassing.

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This one is down to personal attitudes to lubricant I guess. It doesn’t need to be is what I’m saying. It’s like buying condoms, the fear is much worse than the reality. No one is going to stop you and shout, "OMG you're buying lube you kinky beast! Get out of my shop and never come back!". If you use it, you’re going to have a much safer and more comfortable experience with it than without so man up princess.

JO Water-Based Lubricant

If you don’t want to do it in person then order your lube from an online store that provides discreet delivery. *Shameless plug for Peachy Keen.* No one sees your face and it will get sent in a plain brown package with no mention of our company on it, only PK Limited Products. So what are you waiting for? Lube up me hearties!

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