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Or at least love parts of it, if that’s a more realistic concept for us. There’s far too much body shaming going on these days for both genders. When we say we want men and woman to be equal… we don’t mean equal only in the shit bits. We don’t want guys to start feeling the pressure to look a certain way and comparing themselves to people who have to look good to make a living. That’s not benefitting anyone. So if we feel like we can, let’s be more body positive about ourselves please.

I think people are afraid to show pleasure about their bodies for fear of seeming boastful or upsetting someone. (Unless you look on Instagram – then you can be fooled into thinking the whole world is loving the way they look.)  Think about it, how many times have you said to a compliment, “Thanks but I’ve got a few more lbs to lose.” Or “My belly looks massive in this.” Loads right? Have you ever told anyone, “My butt looks excellent in these jeans,” or “Look how much bigger my biceps are now.” No? Yes, because you don’t want to come across as a knob which is crazy.

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Why shouldn’t we be happy with what we’ve got? That’s all our parents ever wanted for us. That’s all people who have lost the use or control of their body would say to us. Sure there’s stuff that could be better, if you can and want to sort it out then go for it, if you can’t then don’t dwell on it. Think of the positives and share the positives. Obviously don’t be boastful or rude about it. “My waist is smaller than yours,” will earn you nothing but a smack round the chops from me.

So yes if you like all of your body then I’m so so glad and proud of you – you should! If you only like certain parts of your body.... then me too – we’re on the right track! If you like none of your body then you are a teenager (It gets better) or need some help (It also will get better as long as you get help – please don’t struggle in silence).

Whatever stage we are at, I think we could all benefit in a bit of orchestrated positive thinking. I’ve done it too and it ain’t easy, we’re not programmed to be like this but that needs to change. Write down 5 things you like about your body. They can be body parts or things your body can do and write down why you like them too. It’s so hard; I kept trying to be humble and counteract the positive things I was saying with negatives. Nope! Not allowed, not a single bit of negativity in there. Off you go… and if you feel up to it, share with others.

5 things I love about my body

  • My eyebrows. A random one to start with but I’m starting at the top and working down. I always get compliments on them – they’re a nice shape and need minimal plucking. They look good in photos.
  • My hair. Okay clearly now I’m starting at the top, whoops. I have really thick hair which has its moments but I wouldn’t change a thing. When hormones ravaged my body and I lost loads of hair – it was okay because I had enough left over. It keeps me warm in winter. I can do the beach hair look fairly well and if I have it in a bun all day I can take it down and it still looks acceptable.
  • My biceps. I’ve strived to have strong arms for years and now I have them without even trying. I have a 1 year old who is better than any gym session. I can lift the heaviest kettle balls with no problems in my sprints and weights class, which makes me feel like an actual superhero.
  • My legs. They are long and strong and they can do so much more than I think they can. Sometimes they are muscly and sometimes they have more of a wobble to them.
  • My scars. You don’t go through life without gathering some scars and I bloody love scars on me and on others. They tell a story and make you unique. I have: My knee scar from falling down some stairs as a kid. My pierced ear scar and bellybutton scar from being a rebellious teen. The mottled skin from hip to thigh on my left leg from when I poured a whole pot of coffee down myself and of course my favourite scar – my c-section scar.

So now it’s your turn! What do you love about yourself? Please get in touch and tell us. Let’s spread a bit of positivity not self-hatred.

Anna ;-PK


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