#FridayFive - The 5 best bargains in the Peachy Keen Summer Sale

The Peachy Keen Summer Sale is on throughout the whole of August - all of our top picks are 20% off.

Just to make things a little bit clearer let us outline the 5 biggest bargains for you and show you just how much you can save! Happy Friday!

1) Tie and Tease Game

Tie and Tease Game

Was: £24.99

Now: £19.99

That saves you £5. Or 7.7 Freddos. Yes that's right, a mere 7, they cost 65p each now!!! 50 Freddos in the good old days obvs!




2) Tenga Flip Holes

Tenga Flip Hole Red

Was: £64.99

Now: £51.99

A saving of £13. The equivalent price of 18 songs on iTunes.




3) Lelo Pino Penis Ring

Lelo Pino Penis Ring

Was: £89.00

Now: £71.20

A saving of £17.80. Or 2.97 Wetherspoon curry club meals - that includes a drink folks.




4) Jimmyjane Form 2

Jimmyjane Form 2

Was: £89.99

Now: £71.99

That means you'll have £18 left over. Enough to go to Primark and buy 3 tops, a pair of jeggings, some flip flops, a tote bag and an impulse roll of wrapping paper.



And finally, the biggest saving of all.... 


5) We Vibe 4 Plus

We-Vibe 4 Plus


Was: £126.99

Now: 101.59

That's a whopping saving of £21.40! Or an eighth of an off peak Easy Jet ticket to Malaga. 




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