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Fundamentally, we are an online sex toy retailer - but we try to be so much more and we do this through our blog and interaction with you guys. Our blog will provide varied content, all of which will have an honest and humourous angle. We will say the things that are never said.

We believe we're having sex in the best decade to have sex in thus far! We're making massive steps with sexuality and gender acceptance, sex toys are becoming less taboo and mostly, we're being taught that sex should be safe and pleasurable. There's such a way to go though and our blog will try to reflect this and call things out.

We will have our #HeyIt'sOkay feature which counteracts some of the bullshit we are fed by the media regarding sex and tell you that certain things are most completely and definitely okay. Stop listening to other people and start listening to yourself!

We also have a funny #FridayFive BuzzFeed style lists for when brain can't handle lots of information but wants to be entertained. So the majority of the time.

Sometimes we will have larger article style feature writings which take a particular viewpoint or prompt you to think in a different way about topics such as porn or masturbation. 

Also, we will have guest posts, usually anonymous, from people giving us the honest lowdown on what it's like to do things like 'Have Sex After Having a Baby' or 'Join a BDSM club.'


We hope that all of this can help you to feel part of our Peachy Keen way. I know we are new but please, please comment on our blogs, start discussions, retweet and repost anything that you felt was relevant, funny or interesting. You can be with us from the start! ;-PK


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