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Hello and welcome to Peachy Keen - thank you so much for visiting us - I can’t quite believe this is happening but from a tiny peach stone… giant peach trees grow.


So, who are we? Fundamentally we are a male and female duo - Anna and Lee. (I don’t know why I’ve said fundamentally, I mean, I know gender is fluid and everything but currently we are definitely male and female!) Anna handles all the chatting and writing and social stuff and Lee handles all the organising and numbers - could we be any more gender stereotypical!?

We also have a team of amazing people behind us without whom none of this would be possible. (Alright Anna get on with it - you’re not accepting an oscar!) Anyway, this is our first joint start up although we have both worked in product management and businesses before. Be gentle with us, we are still learning!

Where did Peachy Keen come from? Peachy Keen came from a need in our own lives for a  place where people could shop for sex toys in comfort and excitement. We also feel like the purchase and use of sex toys is an unnecessary taboo. We conducted a survey where 90% of people asked felt like the use of sex toys was normal and healthy yet 50% said they feel a little bit weird and uncomfortable when browsing the internet for products. We aim to take away that discomfort and make it normal! It is normal!

However, sometimes it does feel like shopping for sex toys is like jumping down the rabbit hole! You have no idea what you’re going to encounter, some things are exciting and magical but equally some things jump out at you that have you screaming and clawing your way back up the rabbit hole - we’re looking at you vagina foot and oral sex teddy bear!

There is obviously a market for these items but you won’t find them here. Here we are wild and kinky, but simultaneously timid and know what we are and aren't comfortable with. We like products that are fun and push exploration boundaries but we also prefer gender and sexuality neutral products where possible. 

Anyway, welcome on board - hello and thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Keep checking back to see new products and new blog entries - albeit probably only once a week for now - I’m not a machine!

 Add us on twitter @peachykeenuk or @annapeachykeen  ;-PK


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