Is it time we renamed butt plugs?

BUTT PLUG. Say it out loud, preferably if you are in a public place, especially if you are on a crowded train: BUTT PLUG. It’s a plug... for your butt. It’s not a particularly appetising name is it?

But here’s the thing; What else are we meant to call them? As a relative newbie to the biz of sex toys retailer, I have played around trying to call them something else. (Although lets face it if everyone’s searching for butt plugs then..... butt plugs they shall be.) There really isn’t anything else that they can be known by. I have no answer to my question, I was hoping you could help.

I’ve tried different languages which is stupid because they’re basically known as butt plugs in all languages. So I’ve had to go very literal….. Hintern Stecker – not a great improvement… fiche derriere – I approve of derriere because it’s fun to say. * A derriere plug perchance.

FSoG Something Forbidden Plug - Now 20% off

FSoG Something Forbidden Plug - Now 20% Off

I’ve tried different words for butt as butt is a very American word. I don’t call it my butt so why would I call it a butt plug? A bottom plug? An arse plug? Technically it goes in the anus – an anus plug? Oh gosh it’s all making me cringe a bit. (The name, not the act! Chill!) It’s all a bit medical and self explanatory.

Doc Johnson Classic Small Butt Plug

Doc Johnson Classic Small Plug

I feel a lot more comfortable with certain sites who just refer to them as plugs. This makes more sense to me: vibrators, dildos, strap ons etc don’t need a preceeding word to indicate which hole/s they go in. We’re not going to stick butt plugs in our ears so they can just be called plugs. Excellent, that’s that solved.

Doc Johnson Classic Medium Butt Plug

Doc Johnson Classic Medium Plug

However…. Plugs…. That’s a bit misleading isn’t it? I can just imagine some 14 year old googling how to replace the fuse in a plug for homework (I seem to remember doing that in Physics every year! I still wouldn’t be able to do it now though.) and getting somewhat distracted. Plugs are for sockets and sinks. Plugs are in the same realm as corks, and stoppers – none of which I want in my butt but... I guess it's the same theory. 

Doc Johnson Classic Large Butt Plug

Doc Johnson Classic Large Plug

At Peachy Keen we do call them Butt Plugs but they come under the wider category of Anal Toys. Anyway my question to you is are you happy with the word Butt Plug? Is Plug the more acceptable name for them? Do you call them something different? Should Peachy Keen invent a new word for them and start a revolution or should I just get over myself and continue calling them BUTT PLUGS!?

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*Doc Johnson Classic Plugs also sold in flesh coloured.

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