#FridayFive – 5 of the biggest lies films tell us about sex.

1) It’s perfectly normal to wake up and have morning sex. You definitely won’t roll over and instantly lose your morning glory because your partner is snoring dog breath into their drool splattered pillow.

morning breath
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2) Touch a woman or thrust in her vague general direction and she will orgasm. 'Clothes off' to 'climax' will take about 30 seconds and no one needs to go any where near a clitoris.

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3) Sex face is desirable and attractive. Definitely keep your eyes open so you can watch your beautiful partner climax. It definitely won’t look anything like this.

the best gurner 2276
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4) You will only ever have spontaneous sex when your hair looks great and you are wearing matching underwear. You definitely don’t need to schedule having sex in among the Netflix marathons.

gif source


5) You don’t need to clean up after sex. It will just evaporate so that you don’t roll around in it all night.


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