Allure Kitten Wet Look Gloves

Brand: Allure

Peachy Keen will help you channel your inner kitten with these purrfect Allure Kitten Wet Look Gloves. They look great and provide a different sensation in your usual routine with minimal effort!

Details Glossy wetlook finish. One size. Above the elbow. Handwash only. 85% Polyester, 15% Elasthan.

How on earth do I use the Allure Kitten Wet Look Gloves!?

Use these gloves to complete your outfit or alternatively wear them alone for ultimate impact.

The idea behind wearing gloves in the bedroom is that the different sensation of material instead of skin can be really enjoyable. Begin by stroking your hands in the gloves all over your partner to see what gets them turned on. You can then build up to using them on intimate parts but to begin with it’s probably a good idea to use lube to make the sensation as smooth as possible.

If you want to engage in more sensory play then how about using a blindfold, a teaser or a candle to pair with the gloves.

HINT: If you are worried about taking the gloves off and killing the mood as you struggle your way out of them then have a look at the way burlesque dancers do it and have a practise. Your very own mini strip tease!

Feeling brave? Take the gloves off and use them to lightly spank your partner! (With permission of course!)

Allure Kitten Wet Look Gloves £14.99